Wednesday, September 20, 2006

August 23, 2006

August 23, 2006

Yesterday I had my first prenatal appointment, and had an ultrasound this morning. Everything looks good and on track, and my dates are right (well, could set a watch by my cycle). My weight is definitely still down from normall--with jeans and my shoes on, I weighed 144 at the dr's office (139 naked before my shower). The Dr tried to find the baby's heartbeat with the hand-held doppler thing, but had warned me that it was a little too early. So I got an ultrasound instead. I did not get an early one with Charlotte, because he found the heartbeat immediately at my 10 week appointment. So far, ultrasounds seem to be harmless to babies, so I'm not complaining a bit about getting an early photo of the pillbug.

I haven't been overly emotional yet (probably a bit b*tchier than normal, but that's more from discomfort than hormone-mood swings), but I definitely misted up when the tech turned the volume on so I could hear the heartbeat. The photo is a white blob in the middle of a black blob in the middle of a gray blob, but if you know which end is the head, you can also sort of make out 4 points that are the leg and arm buds.

Time to spread the news is getting really close. We intend to tell our families this weekend when they're here for Charlotte's birthday. I have a baby shower to attend also, so I'll probably spill the beans there too--plus, the shower's host is in possession of my maternity clothes, so hopefully I can take them home afterwards.

Tonight, we're going birthday shopping for Charlotte, while her aunt and uncle babysit. It's going to be hard not to say anything to them when they get there, especially since my husband hasn't seen the photos from the ultrasound yet, and they're in an envelope marked "Congratulations from XYZ Center Ob/Gyn". I already put away the pile of free baby magazines and goody bag the office gave me yesterday. We might still tell them tonight, but probably will wait to share the news with my inlaws at the same time.

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