Tuesday, September 05, 2006


I suppose I can finally admit via cyberspace that I'm pregnant. We started telling people a week or so ago. I haven't told everyone I know in person, but many of the people we see frequently have heard, and our families know. I could keep the info off my blog, but it has been hard enough not to complain about various things, and, as you have probably noticed, I like to use my blog to whine and complain about my life :)

I'm about 11 weeks right now, due in March. Technically the date (the magic 40 week number) is at the very end of March, but given that Charlotte came at 36 weeks, lets just call it March. I'm not counting on going past the due date because 1) my dates are really darned accurate (You can set a watch by me, so there is no fudging the numbers) and 2) I had a C-section with Charlotte, and I suspect the chances of my doctor letting me get 1-2 weeks "post-date" are slim, especially given that there' s no question of the date. My doctor is open to the possibility of a VBAC, which is probably what I would prefer to try, though I have a good friend who swears that scheduling a repeat C-section was the best way to go (we had similar experiences in our first births--long labor + pushing followed by a C-section). I'm probably not up for scheduling things, but won't cry if I end up with a repeat C-section either, as long as we all come out of it healthy.

Let's see, other vital statistics: so far I have actually lost about 4 pounds :( Charlotte brought home the stomach flu a couple of weeks ago, and I hit a weight I haven't seen since probably college. That took a week or two to really get out of my system, and I've actually felt pretty darned good for about a week now. This is amazing, since I puked right up to the end with Charlotte (and gained 50lbs in the process....). We had an early ultrasound right at 9 weeks--standard practice since it was too early to find the heartbeat externally. The little black and white blob apparently measured fine for the dates, and has a beating heart, which is most of what they check for at that point. And, there' s only one. Twins don't run in either family, so that's no suprise.

I have a series of posts that I haven't yet published that ya'll may get to read, whenever I get around to posting them.

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the squeaky mouse gets the cheese said...

Woohoo! Yay!
Ask Dar about the VBAC, we had a good experience with it, but there are lots of variables of course.
That is all.