Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The big girl bed

Over the weekend, we went out of town for a wedding. For the first time, we got a hotel room with two double beds instead of a king bed and rollaway crib (which means cheap play-pen these days...). Charlotte took to sleeping in the big bed with no problems. We didn't expect any, since she's also quite a fan of sleeping in our bed. She has a bad habit of stretching out in whatever direction she feels like, frequently horizontally. That's a problem in our bed since it means that one of us is getting kicked. Of the three nights we stayed in the hotel, she slept one night with me, one with her daddy, and one all by herself. The arrangements varied by wherever she happened to be when she finally sat still long enough to fall asleep (unlike at home where we can shut the door to her room and give her 5 or 10 minutes to put herself to bed, which she normally does without much fuss).

Once we got home Monday night, I threw her brand-new sheets in the wash, and stripped her big-girl bed of its guest-room bedding. We put a pair of bedrails up, though she's never actually fallen out of a bed that we're aware of, and added a step stool so she can get in easier (she gets down with no trouble). We didn't actually get her sheets dried, so we threw the quilt on and figured she'd get to test-drive it the next night. But, the little princess insisted on sleeping on the big bed instead of her little toddler bed. She slept right on top of the quilt, with her Pooh fleece blanket nearby (I think it started out covering her, but she uncovered herself overnight).

I had figured that by Christmas we'd have her transitioned to the big bed and be able to move the toddler bed out of her room and turn it back into a crib for the new baby. It doesn't look like that will be much of an issue at all.

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