Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Blah Tuesday

I'm not feeling particularly motivated today. I think I used it all up yesterday. Yesterday I worked out (15 minutes of a basic pilates video...it's a start), went for a walk with a friend & her toddler, did laundry, made appointments, made phone calls, and generally exhausted myself checking things off my to-do list.

Today, not so much. I took Charlotte to daycare. I had considered keeping her home as there aren't any doctor (or other) appointments today, but thought that I would instead make arrangements for Charlotte to cut back to part-time. However, the person that I needed to talk to wasn't there. I also need to put in a deposit for Trystan to reserve a place for whenever he actually starts, but again, the person that I needed to talk to wasn't there. Instead, I did actually write a check to pay daycare for Charlotte for this week and next, but I don't know if I got the amount right (no one there to double-check the rate for me). *sigh* I've started one whole load of laundry (it's still in the washer), watched half of a movie, and written a letter to the insurance company that I haven't printed yet. I do have an excuse for that one--the computer that the printer's attached to doesn't think it's on the network--I could probably troubleshoot it, but I stopped after the initial diagnosis. I have a few more baby announcements to address and send, but am waiting on addresses to send them to. We have a baptism to plan, but are waiting to hear back from the priest about scheduling. I have an excuse for the movie as well. It's really long--like probably 3+ hours. I could finish it, but then I won't get anything done all day (hah!).

The letter is the first of 2 that I'll have to send asking the insurance company to review a claim that they've denied. I was warned that one was coming by the "nurse assistant" from the hospital where I had my c-section--I was told that they routinely deny their claim, but that I should just have to appeal and tell them that I wasn't given the option of having the services during the surgery, and that the insurance company will then pay. The other claim is for the medical supplies for Trystan's ostomy--hopefully we won't have to pay for all of the things out of pocket in the end, as the "pouches" that we attach to his tummy to collect the waste cost around $30 for 10, and averate 1x/day (plus the extra adhesive, plus skin protectant wipes). The claim is for much more than that, so who knows what the home health place is actually charging (they didn't send *me* an itemized bill...I had looked online before to see what we were getting).

It's now 1:30 in the afternoon, and I'm trying to decide what to do with the rest of my day. I have things I might like to do, including a little shopping at one or more of the local malls (nothing I *have* to do, just odds and ends I'd like to look at). I have plenty more laundry to do, and spots on the carpet that could use scrubbing. I'm not brave enough to start any gardening with the baby--I don't have a good way to keep bugs off of him if he's out, and he's not reliable enough about his naps for me to get anything done while he sleeps(plus I'd be coming in covered in mud, and that doesn't let me attend to him well). Maybe I'll watch a few more minutes of my movie while Trystan naps.

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