Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I've been rather quiet lately. Things have been busy. Charlotte is now officially 3 days a week at daycare, which makes the other two days quite exhausting. Her potty training is still kind of stalled--she knows how to use the restroom, and can take herself if she's motivated. Unfortunately she's not that motivated lately--to the tune of 1-2 accidents a day at daycare every day. I'm glad the teachers are supportive. At home with me today, she's been accident free so far, though she did insist on a pull-up instead of underwear. I didn't fight her on that one, but told her to keep it dry. I don't know if the extra security of wearing a "diaper" encouraged her today, or if I'm just lucky. I do have to insist on her taking potty breaks (sometimes, I have to pick her up and carry her to the restroom), but she is really happy when she goes. When we're out of the house, she is excellent about asking to go potty when she needs to.

Trystan is still doing well and growing like a weed--he was 11 pounds at his pediatrician appointment last week. Tomorrow he sees the cardiologists and gets another echocardiogram. We still don't have a set date for his next surgery, but I have a date for going back to work: June 29. I will end up having taken off almost 15 weeks, including 1 of "sick" days as my labor tried to start, 8 weeks of "short-term disability" and another 6 of FMLA (my company actually allows 12 weeks of FMLA in addition to the disability leave after childbirth). My original plan was 12 weeks, but we're still expecting a mid-June surgery, so I want to be off until Trystan has come home and recovered a couple of days. There will be another surgery about 6 weeks after that, and I'll probably be off again for maybe a couple of weeks.

My mother-in-law has breast cancer. She was diagnosed maybe a month ago now, and has had a lumpectomy and a week of radiation already. This week she starts chemo. She got to come down for this past weekend for Trystan's baptism and my sister-in-law's (her daughter's) baby shower. My SIL is expecting twins and currently on bedrest--she's around 32 weeks along now. In other words, our family has been a little busy lately.

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