Wednesday, May 09, 2007


I took Trystan to get his picture taken this morning. I am glad that Wednesday mornings in May are not popular times to get your picture taken, because we certainly took our time. The little primadonna had to have two different snack breaks during his photo shoot before he would smile for the camera. Choosing which pictures to order took me forever also. The pictures should look great, and I ordered several different poses and a couple of collage-type ones as well.

With Charlotte, we tried several different photo places--JC Penney's, Walmart, and an in-home one. Of these, the more expensive ones got us better photos, but the ordering process was much easier at Walmart (to get their package deal, you could only choose a single pose). This time, I tried a Sears Portrait Studio. Prices were similar to the JC Penney's, but so far I had a better experience. To be fair, I think I took Charlotte to JCP in a local mall in like October when the whole world was getting Christmas photos taken. The Sears place from this morning was in a strip mall, and Trystan and I had the place to ourselves. Plus, ordering time is much shorter--1.5 weeks vs months. The in-home place we used for Charlotte got us beautiful pictures and a very convenient location, but they were $$$$.

Anyway, here are a couple of the preview photos I pulled off the website. These are the "shared" ones, and not ones that you could actually make prints from, so hopefully they don't mind if I re-publish them...and I may still buy the CD of all the poses (and the copyrights to re-print them).

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What a cutey!