Thursday, May 01, 2008

Recent Google Searches

It's been a while since I checked on who was reading my blog, and why. Google has been kind enough to forward folks my way through the following searches:

  • how to collect a urine sample from a baby (Note: this is a rather popular one..apparently the process of taping a urine collection bag to a baby girl's diaper region is not otherwise well documented in the blogsphere. I have found my claim to fame....)

  • umbilical cord single artery uti (Actually, there tend to be several variations on single umbilical artery that link to prayers are with anyone just starting on that journey!)

  • reading ultrasound results (Along with single-umbilical artery, VACTERL, and imperforate anus searches, this one is also popular)

  • 9 weeks pregnant - can i drink soup from a vending machine? (I hope this person found what they were looking for. I just have to wonder why would you want to?)
  • pantyhose adventures (Ah, pantyhose)

  • Ingredients in Prepackaged Rice Krispy Treats (The Rice Krispy Treat post is another that has become oddly popular...)

  • green salad with chicken (I think I might get more cooking hits if I posted more cooking/recipe type content. I feel bad about not having photos with my posts, and I'm so not a photographer.)

  • noonsies second breakfast hobbits (I have 2 hobbits these days, and second breakfast is a daily requirement for both)

  • training underwear padded

  • pickles made baby throw up

  • spaghetti factory charlotte (I'm guessing that my little Char isn't quite the one they were hoping for here)

  • bombay company kids bugs quilt

  • june cleaver kitchen photos

I wonder if I should take these referrals into account in my search for a new identity. Maybe I should be considering "TapeItToYourButt" or "NoShit", or a long title of "The In's and Out's of Motherhood: One woman's struggle to feed her children, and what came of it all".

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