Thursday, March 13, 2008

What's in a name?

As my husband well knows, every now and then I feel like just changing things around: the organization of the kitchen cabinets, the arrangement of the furniture,
my career aspirations. Wait, I take that back. I'd have to have specific career aspirations first. Sure, I say that I have career goals, but I'm good at telling people what they want to hear (well, when I want to be...I'm also good at annoying the crap out of people with my opinions once I've decided I'm tired of what they really want me to say). Oops, this wasn't intended to be a post about my career angst. It was about blog angst.

I've never been happy with the name of my blog. I had to pick something when I created it, so I did. There's nothing wrong with it. Just like there's nothing wrong with placing one couch so it faces the window wall but blocks the archway to the dining room. I just want to try something else for a while. Plus, there are other "Adventures in Motherhood" blogs out there, and I'd kind of like a more unique name. I'm not changing the url, though it's not any sort of real word and probably isn't the easiest to remember without a link (bonus points to anyone who can figure out how I derived the name "elitsirk"...unless I've already explained it to you). I've had that silly url long enough now, that I don't feel like breaking links that no one would bother to fix.

So, here's the question I'm posing to you, my loyal readers (yes, all 4 of you): any suggestions? Real or just plain entertaining (for you or me...I have a good sense of humor most of the time and a keen sense of sarcasm the rest of it....)

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Amanda said...

Your name backwards. I have no suggestions for a title. Mine aren't all that original either. How about "You, me and three other people"? :)