Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Cake Week 2008

Welcome to our annual Cake Week. This is the week where you attempt to eat at least one slice of cake (a cupcake or ice cream cake counts) every day. Catholic participants may be excused from Cake Week duties on Good Friday, but are encouraged to make up for their lack by eating two servings on another day.

Sunday I started off well with two slices. The first one something huge and decadent from the Cheesecake Factory (cheesecake would count, but I don't like it....I went with chocolate...I didn't finish the whole thing, but it would probably feed 4 comfortably). The second from a store-bought birthday cake brought by my SIL (who hadn't anticipated my lunch choice). Monday I stuck with crumbs and nibbles of icing. Don't worry, my quota will not suffer. Today, I had the other half of that decadent chocolate cake for lunch (I did have a little soup too, for my conscience), and after dinner, ice cream cake from DQ (my choice, decided not to make my own this time). Tomorrow, perhaps the last leftover slice of the store-bought one. Tomorrow is also our office's monthly birthday celebration, so maybe the leftover cake would be best saved for Thursday. Thursday night we will be making cupcakes for an Easter party at daycare on Friday, so Friday, there will be cupcakes. But then, I'm exempt on Friday due to fasting. Saturday we'll have Trystan's birthday cake (the exact shape or shapes are not yet determined...I'm leaning toward cupcakes or an assortment of small animals, or the bunny rabbit pan I bought several years ago).

Next week: Chocolate and Jelly Bean Week. Or maybe Hard Boiled Egg Week. I'll keep you posted.

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