Monday, March 03, 2008

Booklist update

I think I've finished three books since I last posted:

Red Lily by Nora Roberts. This is one from a box that my mom was done with, and apparently part of a trilogy. It was #3, and I do have #'s 1 and 2 somewhere too that I haven't read yet. Oops. Oh well, typical Nora Roberts--good, lighthearted, fairly quick read. Romance plus a malevolent ghost.

The Enchanted Prince by Ellen Tanner Marsh. Historical Romance set in 1800's Scottish highlands, bought from the bargain table at the library for a quarter (maybe 50c?). Not bad. Not great. The title and the passage that it references seemed kind of stuck on as an afterthought (there were no actual princes, enchanted or otherwise, and the frog-kissing analogy didnt' flow as well as it could have).

Someting Blue by Emily Griffin. Follow up to Something Borrowed. In Something Borrowed, a gal ends up sleeping with her best friend's fiance. This one picks up with the other friend, who starts the book pregnant by one of the would-be groomsmen. The author did a good job of making the self-centered, spoiled heroine someone you could end up caring about.

What am I reading now? Still working on A Salty Bit of Land by Jimmy Buffett--it's kind of slow going as I have a hard time getting into the character of a cowboy who ran from the law (with his horse) and ended up (so far) as a fishing guide in the carribbean. It is somehow compelling though, maybe because I'm in desperate need of a vacation and really would love to be living on the beach right now. It won't fit in my pump bag at work, so I've got Royal Assasin by Robin Hobb ready to start today. In some ways it's annoying that there is no possible way for me to work and pump at the same time, but I do get a lot of reading done on my breaks, at least for these last weeks before Trystan gets to try cow's milk...

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