Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Top 10 Favorite Spring Break Vacations

10. '99 My older sister and I went to Cancun for a 5-day "weekend". We were both out of school, but it was in the spring. Plenty of tequila, beaches, snorkelling, sight seeing (Chichen Itza is amazing), and sister-bonding time.

9. '04 Ocho Rios, Jamaica, with my hubby and 3 other couples. No kids (except for Charlotte, still in-utero), but no alcohol either (at least for me). Sure it was late May and I'd been out of school for 8 years, but that's still spring, right?

8. circa '90. The whole family spent a week at Brown County State Park in southern Indiana. I remember a lot of hiking, assembling puzzles, and sleeping in a sleeping bag on the floor (6 people in a hotel room with 2 queen beds...sis #5 was 10 years from being born or it would have been 7). The family joke of the "alligator" sprang from that week, where sister 4 of 5 misheard the word "navigator"...she was like 7. It was cute and funny at the time. Really.

7. '93 Spent a week in Kansas City, where my parents were contemplating a move. The whole family slept in the basement of the house where my father was renting a room. I don't think we did Worlds of Fun or anything, just drove around a lot with realtor looking at houses.

6. '98 Senior year of college. I probably worked, did homework. I think this was the week my now-husband wrapped me up in duct tape to make a dressmaker's dummy (if you thing this was kinky, think again...I felt suffocated halfway through and was so happy when it was time to cut the thing off of me for final assembly). I also at least started my formal dress for that semester--a purple stretch velvet halter dress that I still own (but haven't tried on in a long time...hmmm...). The dummy finally got the heave-ho about 2 months ago. Maybe I should swap this one with #7...

5. I'm sure I spent many spring breaks sitting home watching TV, or reading. I'm sure I've done a lot of reading

4. Probably worked several as well. I've been continuosly employed for like 16 years now (except for a couple of post-partum short breaks). I'm sure I worked most of my high school and college breaks.

3. Have I ever had a business trip in the spring? I'm remembering mostly fall and winter travel for some reason.

2. '97 Getting my wisdom teeth pulled and learning just how wacked out dreams can get while on pain meds.

1. '07. I slept in my own bed at night, but spent every day for 2+ weeks hanging out in the NICU at Childrens with Trystan. No alcohol, and I had to quit the pain meds after about 2 days so I would be coherent enough to drive myself. It counts. Really. It was spring, and I did not go to work!

Sour Grapes? Nah, just a good wine!

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