Monday, June 08, 2009

Going slow

Some days, nothing seems to move very fast.

The kids were up late last night, enjoying dinner and playtime with friends. Charlotte was so tired when we got home, that she fell asleep in the bathroom. Sitting on the stepstool, toothbrush in hand.

She was dragging this morning, too. We all were.

I'm in a training class for the next three days that doesn't start until 9am. Since I normally aim to be at my desk by 8ish, I should have had bonus time today. Um, no. I walked in at about 10 after. I didn't get the kids to daycare until almost 8:30, and I don't think I passed 10 mph for the last 20 minutes of my drive. Traffic. Rain. Stoplights that were just plain out.

On the up side, Trystan woke up this morning 1) in a good mood, and 2) with no poop in his diaper.

Yep, its a poop post. Poor kiddo was on anitbiotics a couple of weeks back, which gave him the runs. On the back side of those, his system slowed way down. That's never a good thing for him. We'd been off of his daily Miralax for a couple of months, but we're now back on it for a week or two at least.

Oddly enough, when he gets constipated, he poops all the time. Just small smears though, never really emptying things out. After a weekend of miralax and prunes (and avoidance of pizza, mac & chz, and bananas--his favorite foods are his worst enemies), he's getting back to normal. So, no overnight poop. (thus, no rashy bottom). Hooray!

I was changing his diaper this morning and as soon as I got the soggy one off, he asked for "yuckies in the potty". And he put some yuckies in the potty. Just the tiniest bit, but we cheered for him anyway. I still have high hopes for him in the potty training department. I don't know that he'll ever be "normal" and be able to go completely without laxatives and careful diet control. But he's only 27 months, capable (though not always willing) of staying dry and tinkling in a potty for hours on end, and to control a small amount of poop in the potty. So far, he's actually ahead of the curve in potty training for his age. Gosh I hope he at least keeps up with that curve!

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