Tuesday, June 02, 2009

My little fish

Today is the first day of Charlotte’s swimming lessons for the summer.  Every year, our daycare arranges with one of the local pools, hires their own instructors (who are also certified life guards), and drives the kids back and forth in the school van.  Charlotte will go three days a week all summer.  And she loves it. 


We love it too.  Last summer, not only did she massively improve her swimming abilities, but I didn’t have to wrestle her out of the pool every day.  My least favorite part of swimming is leaving, because there is always a tantrum (not mine!).


At school, they had talked with the kids about how swimming works, and my husband talked to Charlotte last night.  On swimming days, Charlotte goes to school wearing her bathing suit with sunscreen already applied.  She needs to bring a bag containing her towel and dry clothes for later.  The wet suits and towels are hung on the playyard fence to dry during the day.


Well, Charlotte had listened to the instructions.  And she was ready.  At 6:10AM this morning, before I’d quite forced my eyelids open all the way, she came into our room upset because she couldn’t reach her pool bag.   I think she already had her suit on, and had picked out her clothes.   This is the same kid that we usually have to drag out of bed around 7:30 and force into her clothes.  I guess she’s excited.



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Lynnette Labelle said...

LOL That's so cute.

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