Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cautiously optimistic

The whole country’s been following the health care debate, and I’m sure its been discussed ad nauseum on blog after blog. I’m not a political analyst, or a lawyer. I’m a mom.  Of a little boy who, though full of life (and mischief), also has several very serious medical issues which will follow him forever.
So I’ve been watching the health care debate too, with cautious optimism.
Quoting a Post Dispatch article from today (which I think is quoting someone else, who is probably quoting parts of the new law):
"children with pre-existing conditions may not be denied access to their parents' health insurance plan," and "insurance companies will no longer be allowed to insure a child but exclude treatments for that child's pre-existing condition."
I hope that this is good news for Trystan’s (and millions of other kids’) future.  We have been lucky to have obscenely wonderful healthcare coverage, which has paid for all of Trystan’s care with surprisingly little out of our own pockets.  And I live in fear of what happens if we lose that coverage.  Even with two good incomes, we couldn’t have afforded Trystan’s first three weeks of life, let alone three years. 
I still don’t trust for-profit companies to make decisions with their hearts instead of their wallets.  But I think it’s a start.  And a very timely one for us.

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