Monday, March 01, 2010

What were they thinking?

Did you see the closing ceremonies last night? 
I didn’t watch much of the Olympics.  I’m not a huge sports fan, and the broadcasts overlap way too much with the kids bedtime.  But I caught a few glimpses here and there.  Like last night.  I tuned in for about ten minutes of the closing ceremonies. What on earth were the Canadians thinking?
The part I saw started with a man dressed as a Canadian Mounty, singing something that sounded patriotic in front of a chintzy background.  And then on walked women dressed as Mounty hookers.  Spike heel boots, tiny red skirts, jackets unbuttoned to the sternum.  And they ripped the clothes off the singer.  Ok, so it was Michael Bouble (sp?) underneath there, now dressed as a lounge singer in a white dinner jacket.  But tear-away away uniform?  Yikes.  And then it got better.
More performers brought in giant blow-up Canadian Mounty dolls. Blow up dolls. After the clothing-removal.
And then came the giant inflatable beavers (pun possibly intentional here…). Wow. Just wow.
Was my mind just stuck in the gutter, or was this a really poor choice of performance “art”?  Or maybe they intended the joke.  In any case, by the time I clicked away, there were also lumber jacks, an inflatable moose, and women dressed as green worms (or perhaps it was stems) attached to giant maple leafs and hanging from the ceiling, waving their leaves like they were butterflies.  It was not an improvement.
I DVR’d the second half of the closing ceremonies (as NBC felt the need to interject Seinfeld into the middle of it).  But now I’m scared to see how they could possibly top the beginning.

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HiddenChicken said...

Wow. That sounds like a really weird hallucination. Makes me glad I didn't turn on the TV last night!