Monday, March 15, 2010

Leaving Las Vegas

This is the first wi-fi I've had since Friday when I left home, except for about 5 minutes on my sister's laptop yesterday. Expensive hotels should just include the darned service in the price of the rooms. Anywho.

I'm in Vegas! For another hour and a half. Local time: 4:30. I left the hotel at 3:30. And folks were just arriving to gamble.

I would totally post a photo, but I think I packed my camera cord in my big suitcase, and I'm not digging it out. I hope that's where the cord went. And my thumb drive :(

If I'm slightly incoherent, its not alcohol-induced. My body has no clue what time it is supposed to be. "The city that never sleeps" indeed. Since about 4AM friday when I left for the airport, I have totally lost track of when I should be eating or sleeping.

Speaking of incoherent, this is an upside down post, and its time I started at the beginning. I'm in Vegas for a long weekend with my 3 adult sisters. Its been a fun, crazy weekend. We left the boys at home :) We don't see each other nearly enough since we all live in different states, and may not all be in the same city again for another year now.

We stayed at the MGM Grand hotel, which is really nice. I was actually comfortable on the beds and my hips don't hurt, so that alone was impressive. And 4 women with suitcases and makeup bags didn't totally overwhelm the bathroom. That was nothing short of miraculous.

I am not normally much of a party gal, and was hands-down the most sober of the four of us. Nor am I much of a gambler. I lost a total of $23. I bet a total of $23. All slots, with maybe a game of video poker or two. At the craps table, I was merely a cheerleader (though I'm starting to understand the game, but still didn't feel like joining).

I'm off now to get my web fix before my flight leaves. Will post photos this week. Nothing incriminating, though, sorry. And I'm not saying that to protect the guilty, but because I don't think I captured anything incriminating by camera...

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