Saturday, March 20, 2010


Last weekend, my 3 adult sisters and I went to Vegas. We left our menfolk at home. We all live in different states, and don't often all get together, so it was a treat. And a bit of a pain, of course, as we all attempt to share sleeping quarters for the first time since the early 90's. We're all both too much alike and too different to do this for long.

I arrived on Friday, about 10am local time (noon St. Louis time), and I started out exhausted. The photo of the four of us was taken at dinner that night, at about 9 Vegas time. That day set the tone for the whole weekend. Watch? What's a watch? And food? We ate at the strangest times (for me). I was not really that hungry all weekend, nor could I figure out whether it was light or dark outside without actually going outside. Very strange. But, for once, Daylight savings time didn't absolutely kill me (hard to get upset about a time change when you have no sense of time).

I spent very little money gambling. Not zero. But not as much as my sister Amanda (far left) spent learning to play craps. I stuck with slots and a few rounds of video poker. I was pretty good on both counts of making the money last, but not good at winning money. I think I have too much strange luck in my life to have actual good luck at something like this. And I'm far too conservative to venture the kind of money that would actually pay something back. I had no problem whatsoever forking out money for food though.

Not just food, also souveniers for my kids. The M&M store was cool. 4 floors of M&M themed stuff of all descriptions. I also bought Vegas t-shirts for each kid, which they insisted on wearing to bed on Monday when I got home (and Trystan then insisted on wearing his to school the next day...guess he liked it)

Vegas is also famous for its shows, and we caught one. Yes, I saw (mostly) naked men. Very nicely formed (mostly) naked men. Very nice dancing. Very, very nice. Ahem. I did decline to go with Amanda and Allison (far right) to a strip club afterwards. More out of sheer exhaustion than prudishness, though I think I was pretty set for images of man titty and toned buns for one evening. titty. There goes my nice family friendly rating on this blog >:)


Bethany said...

WOW!!! Awesome to see a picture of your sisters all grown up. The last time I saw Jenny she was zipping off in her little (blue/red?) Honda CR? (to meet some guy was was in a band). And holy cow... Allie looks like an adult. Mandy looks great too! I don't even want to think about how old your youngest sister is. I'm starting to feel really old here.

AND by the way, even though I didn't call or write I was thinking about you on your birthday. We're in the middle of our big move (finally everything, except the freezer foods, is in our new house). So happy belated birthday. May nothing but wonderful things follow you into your new year.

Kristi said...

Ally is not only an adult, but is officially in her mid-20's. Amanda's pushing 30. And if you are on Facebook, you might be able to find my baby sister Katie (who just set up a profile). She turns 14 this year. Just writing all that makes me feel so old.

But there was one nice footman(? the guy at the taxi stand at the hotel) who tried to warn Jen and I that you had to be 21 to go in most casinos on Fremont street. Guess we don't quite look our ages huh :)

That Honda CRX was blue, and I believe Amanda took it to Texas where it might have met an (un?)timely death--those things last forever. The boy in the band actually did pretty well for himself for a little while--his band Transmatic had an album out and a couple of songs on the American Pie movie soundtrack (have no idea what they're doing lately). He and Jen were on-again-off-again till about 10 years ago, and now Jen has herself a different man--a lawyer who also plays in a band :)