Monday, August 28, 2006

Bedding found

We found a quilt and sheet set for Charlotte's bed. It's the Bugs collection from Bombay Kids. We ate lunch yesterday at Little Maggiano's which is in the same shopping center as a Bombay Company and Bombay Kids stores, and they had the set in stock in the right size, and on sale. It was still expensive (we might have spent more on her set than the bedding for our own, king-sized bed), but it's cute and looks like a nice quality. Now we just need a waterproof mattress pad, a step stool, and some curtains for her canopy, and her big bed will be all set. We already have a pair of bed rails. She can climb down from the bed by herself with no problems, but I don't think she's tall enough to get back up without assitance.

The bed is a full-sized canopy bed, with the sort of arched-canopy that is sweet and feminine. Instead of one of the ruffled canopies that I saw a lot of when I was little, I plan to go with white sheer (or sort-of-sheer, depending on what I find) tab-top curtains at each corner, tied back. It will hopefully look cute and cozy without being too overpowering in her room.

In the mean time, Charlotte had a second Christmas, with all of her birthday gifts from this weekend. She is quite spoiled, or maybe I should say lucky, to have so many family members willing to spend their time travelling and their money to buy her things to play with and wear :) Her daddy and I do our fair share of spoiling our little princess, too--hopefully we're successful in teaching her to not *act* spoiled. Even if she does have a nicer bedroom set at age 2 than her parents....


flatflo said...

So y'all were at The Boulevard on Sunday afternoon? My sister and I took a preview ride on the new Metrolink extenesion and stopped off at the Richmond Heights station to eat at PFChangs, wandering Crate & Barrel while waiting for a table. Probably just missed each other!

Sarahlynn said...

The Bugs quilt is totally cute. We've looked at that one too, for Ellie. We're tentatively leaning toward this one, which we love (but which is also crazy expensive):

Also, I hear congratulations are in order. Yay!