Friday, August 04, 2006

Riding in Cars with Boys

My car is still not repaired. I dropped it off 3 weeks ago for hail damage repair, and last I heard it will be the middle of next week before I get it back. Apparently they had to replace my hood, the whole roof of my car, and the top of the trunk, as well as repair major damage to the whole driver side. The repair total was (last I know) around $8k. Yikes. I am grateful for insurance. Then again, if my car weren't as new as it is (a low-mileage 2003), and I didn't carry the comprehensive insurance, I would have just driven it with dents. The damage was basically cosmetic as far as I know--I had no broken windows or doors that didn't function or anything.

My husband and I have been doing ok with the whole carpooling mess. The biggest snag was that his windshield got hit by a rock last week while driving through a construction zone. He's got a 2.5 foot crack running across the glass. We are going to a family reunion this weekend (a 4 hour drive), and were originally hoping to take my car so he could drop his off to have the windshield and hail damage repaired. Instead, one of those autoglass places is coming to his parking lot at work to fix it, and we'll have to wait on the hail damage for later.

I guess on the up side, since the trunk lid is being replaced on my car, then the scratches that I had accidentally put in it with the garage door (parked a little too far back one day) and my bike rack will not be there anymore. Also we're saving a lot of $ in gas. At $3 a gallon, it's nice to not have to fill up my car for a month. We're putting a few more miles on his car, but certainly less than we would have with both cars. And, for once, we've had room in the garage to store our stroller collection to get it out of our living room--the jogging stroller especially is kind of a large beast and doesn't fold down small enough for a closet.

I still miss my car.

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