Thursday, August 24, 2006

Happy Birthday!

Charlotte is 2 today! She has gotten to be such a big girl--well, maybe in development if not stature. She woke up this morning and asked to use the potty right away. She then had probably 3 breakfasts worth of food in front of her--wanted her usual fruit-n-cream oatmeal, plus some of my cereal, plus some of her daddy's granola (all in separate bowls, with multiple spoons). She's off at daycare today, and I'm a bad mom who did not send in a birthday treat :( We went shopping for her last night, and ran out of time for me to make cupcakes like I intended. I'll bring them in tomorrow, which will make for a nice little party at the end of the week for the kids. Charlotte's real birthday party at home will be Saturday with grandparents and aunts & uncle in attendance. Tonight, we're considering taking her to Chucky Cheese or someplace similar where she can have a good time playing.

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