Thursday, August 10, 2006

Free at last

Independence is a wonderful thing. Not that I've taken much advantage of it since I picked up my car Tuesday afternoon. But the *idea* that I can go somewhere without coordinating with someone else first is really nice.

My car is all fixed and shiny with its fresh paint job. The first thing that I noticed on Tuesday was that there's still a dent in the middle of one of my car doors that was not fixed. When I asked the collision center guy about it, he said that because of the way the crease(?) was in the dent, that it looked like a door ding and not a hail ding, so it wasn't covered and they didn't fix it. He actually said something like "you would have had to have gotten hit pretty hard and angled sideways for that to be hail"....umm, did you see how much damage there was on my car? And it did hail sideways, which is why the opposite side of the car was virtually spotless. At that point, however, I really did not feel like fighting them and leaving my car for another week of repairs and back-and-forth with the insurance company. My car is 3 years old, and it is allowed to have a ding in one door.

So, did I get in to work early yesterday to make up time? Nope. I was later leaving the house when I realized that my car had no gas. When I got to the gas station, I realized I had no wallet. I had to go home for money and then back for gas before I could head for work. So I still barely squeezed in an 8 hour day yesterday, and didn't get Charlotte and get home till nearly 6. Oh well, at least I can see over the seatbelt, have armrests that my arms actually reach to rest on, and don't have to slam on the brakes to slow the car down (some of my complaints about my husband's car....I could keep going, but it just annoys him) :)

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the squeaky mouse gets the cheese said...

" that it looked like a door ding and not a hail ding, so it wasn't covered and they didn't fix it."
That blows my mind..what a buncha cheap losers. Was it the autobody shop's call, or insurance guy? I had a few dings pulled out of my Honda before I sold it and my Allstate guy was telling me that as long as I'm getting the hail dings done, he could include another dent or two if I wanted em done. (It was a different panel and I didn't want to have the $200-300 of repairs take longer, so I passed).
On a big repair though..that's annoying.