Thursday, April 26, 2007

Another Thursday Sick Day

Charlotte is home sick again. This time, it's a stomach bug. Luckily it hasn't been a horrible one--I arrived at daycare yesterday just minutes after she had thrown up for the first time. Her stomach was OK yesterday evening and last night (she even ate dinner), and then threw up again this morning. This time, she actually made it to the toilet first. She's had two watery poopy diapers also--the second half of the stomach bug. The ironic thing is that I was probably going to keep her home today anyway, so that a friend and I could take the kids to the Magic House. I guess that will have to wait until next week.

Today is going slightly better than last week's sick day. Charlotte has been somewhat whiney, but really not bad, and even let me take her to the potty at one point without much protest. Nap time has not been fun. She wanted to snuggle, which I was willing to accomodate. Trystan apparently wanted to snuggle also, as he has not wanted to be put down most of the afternoon, so we attempted a Mommy sandwich (Trystan in the crook of one arm, and Charlotte in the crook of the other). All was going well, and Charlotte was nearly asleep, when Trystan started screaming. I tried to gently get up and walk him, and Charlotte woke completely up and was very upset. It took another 15 minutes to settle her back down and convince (coerce, threaten) her to lay down in her bed for "quiet time" while Trystan mostly cried in the other room. She quieted down just as I got Trystan quieted down. So, I think I've got both kids sleeping for the moment. *Yawn* This is the first quiet moment I've had all day. I'd lay down for a nap myself, but that's almost guaranteed to cause one child or the other to wake up (they're sleeping in separate beds in separate rooms...but I know how these things generally work).

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