Friday, April 06, 2007

Looking forward to Easter

It looks like Trystan will be coming home on Easter Sunday!!! He has been doing well all week. Wednesday night into Thursday, he was able/willing to take all of his feeds by mouth without having the remainder fed down his feeding tube. They gave me the option yesterday morning to remove the tube for the day, but having seen how mad the poor guy got at having it inserted, I told them to wait until they were sure he wouldn't need it back. He nursed really well all day yesterday, though he was gassy (I had pepperoni pizza the night before..somehow I think that was related). Today, the nurse removed the tube, and he again nursed extremely well all day. I have a couple of photos of the little guy with no tubes attached to his head for the first time in two weeks...but I don't have the USB cable handy to get them off the camera, so ya'll will have to wait to see him.

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