Sunday, April 08, 2007

He's Home!!!!!

Trystan came home today! My husband, Charlotte, and I went to a 9:30 Easter Mass, and then to the hospital to pick up our baby. We had a rolling cart loaded down with stuff (ostomy supplies, a cooler full of frozen breastmilk, bags of dirty baby clothes, etc) and a wagon full of children (well, a toddler and a baby in carseat--they pretty much filled the wagon, though).

This afternoon's been good, and relaxing so far. My sister-in-law and brother-in-law joined us at church, the hospital, and then back to our house for a very casual Easter lunch (a pre-cooked ham, corn, deviled easter eggs). Trystan has nursed a couple of times, and fallen asleep on my husband, and Charlotte watched her Easter Carol Veggie Tales movie. So far, he's a pretty laid back baby, as long as I don't keep him waiting for his supper for too long (his cries have gotten MUCH louder over the last week). Speaking of which, his nap must be over...

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