Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Trystan is 16 months old, has one kidney, a colon that was initially attached to his bladder (instead of say, an anus), and irregular vertebrae that might signal spinal cord (read: nerve) issues. And on Sunday, twice he requested to pee in the potty and actually did it.

Before that, he had wandered in once while I was assisting his 3.9-year old sister (who is normally independently in charge of her own waste management) with an extra wipe-job, involving an actual baby wipe. Trystan sat down on the stepstool to watch and was exceedingly indignant when he was bodily removed from the room (he's rather destructive in bathrooms). About 5 minutes later, I noticed a certain scent emanating from his rear. He wasn't in the bathroom to watch, to heckle, or to cause trouble. He was IN LINE. Doh! I apologized profusely to him as he lay on his changing table giving me a cold shoulder. Dude, learn some more words, ok?

Impressive what the kid understands. I just hope that this is a good portent for the future of potty training. Maybe he'll be one of the lucky small % with the high imperforate anus defect who can toilet train normally. Or maybe he just had a very good day!

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