Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Nothing says romance like...

...installing a toilet. Or re-installing one. Plus lots of quality time spent with utility knives.

On 7/7, we celebrated our 7th anniversary. In honor of the occaision, we installed a new bathroom floor. Not exactly what you would have done? Well, there was supposed to be a nice kid-free dinner over the weekend, but my husband spent the day puking so we had to postpone that. We did manage to squeeze in a relaxing barbeque with my in-laws and husbands sister's family. All 3 couples have anniversaries around the 4th.

Our anniversary itself included a sick baby (Trystan's first strep throat), a toilet in our shower, and baseboards that shattered when we removed them. We cut. We scraped. We stuck. It looks great. Trust me. Maybe I'll photograph it some day. Who am I kidding? It's a bathroom floor. I barely manage to post photos of my kids. If you want to see it, you might have to wrangle an invitation to come over in person (I'll bet our phone'll be ringing off the hook tonight...)

In honor of our illustrious occaision, I have decided to create a new listing of traditional anniversary gifts, this list geared toward today's couples, inspired by our own yearly updates:

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Homeowners
  1. Drapes.
  2. Retaining Walls/Garden beds
  3. Baby Furniture
  4. Paint, Master Bedroom furniture
  5. Patio Furniture, sandbox
  6. Shelving for toys
  7. Vinyl and Porcelain
  8. Hardwood flooring. If anyone wants to go in together to buy this for us for next year, I'd be happy to set up a registry....

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