Thursday, July 24, 2008


If you've ever done yoga, you may be familiar with some common poses: warrior, tree, eagle, cat, etc. I have spent the past four years pefecting a new series of poses, geared towards mothers of young children. Although this would probabably work better as a photo blog, you will have to bear with me on the descriptions. This is just a first draft of my master thesis, after all.

Teeth Pose Imagine you are standing at the bathroom sink about to brush your teeth. Begin by standing straight on two feet (this is your resting position). Raise your right hand to your mouth. Now bend one knee to hold the vanity doors shut as if to prevent a toddler from opening them. Now, lift your other leg behind you and hold, as if to keep a shower doors from sliding opened by (the same) exploratory toddler. Before returning to your resting position, bend forward (keeping the bent knee and lifted leg in place) to spit. Repeat with the opposite arms and legs.

Dinner Pose Imagine you are standing at a hot stove. Begin in your resting position--straight on two feet, hand at your sides. Now raise both arms in front of you, as if you are manipulating two hot pans. Raise up onto the balls of your feet, stick your butt out behind you, and arch your upper back up and over towards the stove. Hold until small children have successfully squeezed between your legs and the oven door. As an advanced technique, peform the same move while standing on one leg, the other held out to the side keeping a cabinet door closed.

Tickle Pose This is a partner pose, requiring one or more partners, ideally 3 feet tall or shorter. Sit down on the floor cross legged. Have your first partner climb into your lap, put his hands on your shoulders and push until you roll backwards, taking him with you. Lift him up into the air above your chest. The second partner, if you are using one, has two options: 1) Climb onto your bent legs while you lift her into the air, or 2) lift up your shirt and raspberry your tummy. Raise and lower partner #1 while he laughs.

Toy Pose Lay down on the floor, flat on your tummy. Reach your arms up by your head and then sweep them back along the floor toward your legs, as if you are reaching under the couch for a lost toy.

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Kathy G said...

Thanks for the laugh!

You described the poses perfectly-no photos necessary.