Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Thing #4: Hot Tubbing

Today, I sat in the hot tub at the Y. We've been members for a year, and taking Char there for lessons for two years before that, but I've never had a chance for a soak. Too many kids, not enough hands. And they're not allowed in :) No stewing the children.

Charlotte is in another round of swimming lessons, starting today, and for once we didn't bring Trystan. (Horribly unfair parents that we are, he's not enrolled, though he normally gets lots of splash time while his sister's in class). It was just us girls, and after Charlotte's 45 minute warm-up swim, during class time I had time on my hands and a cold bathing suit on my butt (among other places).

The hot tub was nice and toasty. My hamstrings had been very tight from a yoga workout Wednesday (on DVD, not the Wii that time) followed by step aerobics Thursday. My legs aren't sore anymore.

Funny, we have a nice, large, jetted tub in our bathroom at home that hasn't been filled in a while (my clothes drying rack has taken up residence there for the winter). I really ought to take more baths. Not to say that I don't bathe, but that I don't soak in a tub nearly as often as I might like. Ahem.

I realized that there are two additional potential firsts down in the pool area: the steam room and the dry sauna. Don't believe I've ever been in either. I'm not entirely sure what the point is (besides warming up or sweating off a little water weight). Any insights?


Bethany said...

Baths are so luxurious. I vote for spoiling yourself with bubble bath, one of those really frufru scented kinds.

Kristi said...

I love bubble baths. I just can't pour one while the munchkins are awake, or there will be 3 of us in the tub. Both of them have been known to just strip and hop in, assuming that any bath is poured for their pleasure. (actually, Trystan doesn't usually strip first..he just climbs in or stands there fussing until someone puts him in...either way, not particularly relaxing) :)

Following Wii Fit "strenght training" exercises is killing my quads...Saturday night's set of lunges (15 per leg, I think) is still making my thighs burn. Mmm...I sense a hot bath coming on....

Bethany said...

Ah ha! I found an option for you. I want to go out and buy these right away. I found this shop in Dublin but it turns out they're everywhere, including the St. Louis area. They're called Lush and they have emotibombs. I didn't see them when I was in the store so I bought bath bombs (the Witches Brew) but now I want these too. Let me know if you try them how they work.