Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Thing #6: Video Book Trailer

I watched a book trailer on YouTube today. I don't think the things are particularly new, but I'd never bothered to watch one before. What's to gain from watching a commercial for a book? Reading the back (or inside flap), or checking out a few online reviews probably gives a better feel for it. But, what the hey.

The book trailer I watched was for Running Hot by Jayne Ann Krentz. It's the latest in her Arcane Society series that spans both the Jayne Ann Krentz (contemporary) name as well as her Amanda Quick series of historicals. I've enjoyed the series (both time periods). I have yet to buy or borrow this book, because I have neither gone to the library nor whittled down my to-be-read pile at home. The trailer is here.

Honestly, I hope she didn't spend a bunch of money having someone stick that together. Because it didn't make me any more anxious or likely to read her book. In fact, it had a sort of 80's Miami Vice vibe that felt a little dated or something given the contemporary settings. Probably the music (cringe). Oh well.

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Bethany said...

Hey, as a result of your blog I ended up randomly searching the web for romance authors and ended up on Ann Aguirre's blog. I guess she wrote some romantic sci fi as well? Anyway, I have to agree with you about the video...less than wonderful. But I did enjoy reading about Ann Aguirre, might actually pick up one of her books.