Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thursday Cookbook Series -- I'm Just Here For the Food

Alton Brown is probably my favorite all-time food/cooking/chef-like TV personality. He's a cross between Emeril Lagasse and Mr Wizard (remember him? The science guy?). He has an explanation for every cooking technique, involving molecules, chemistry, and neat-o models made of anything from foam packing peanuts to bubble wrap. He also has a personality and a voice (I'm talking the style of his writing and speaking, not just the sounds he produces) that are catchy and quirky with a wry sense of humor that I enjoy.

His book, I'm Just Here For the Food, reads more like a science text book than a traditional cookbook. He has divided the recipes up by cooking technique--grilling, braising, roasting, frying, etc--instead of the traditional groupings by ingredient (beef, chicken, vegetable) or meal (apetizer, soup, etc). He includes tons of information that helps educate the home cook to enable us to understand the recipes that we're reading and be able to apply those techniques to other foods. And he does it all with his signature sense of science and fun.

The book is, as far as I'm concerned, Good Reads :)

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flatflo said...

"Good Reads" HeeHee!

I discovered Alton Brown a couple years ago when we finally got satellite. I DVR all of his new episodes, and I think I've hit most of his older ones. I've learned a lot and between him and Cooks Illustrated, I never have to look elsewhere for a sure-fire recipe!

His goofy humor keeps me entertained and watching episode of ingredients I never touch--like fungi.