Friday, January 16, 2009

Watch your tongue, missy!

I have always loved Charlotte's vocabulary. She has wonderful comprehension, if her recall is a little..offbeat. She can tell us stories of events that happened when she was 18 months old or younger--back in the single-syllabic days when we (the ignorant parents) still half-thought of her as a potted plant. More like a sponge, I think. Absorbing the world around her, ready to squeeze it back as soon as her mouth caught up to her ears. These days she not only repeats and re-tells, but re-invents. She has a wild imagination.

The very first year she went trick or treating (age 2, mostly so we as parents could meet some neighbors), she called it "Knock Snack." Very appropriate. Birthdays back then were "Happy Cakes", and Santa Claus was Ho-Ho. And has she ever told you she has a monkey in her tummy? It's been there since about the time Trystan was still the baby in my tummy. These days, the monkey tummy stories have morphed into stories of how Charlotte and Trystan used to kick each other in my tummy (they're 2.5 years apart!)

Recently, I caught Charlotte calling Trystan a "naster". I figured out, from context and from asking her, that "naster" is some sort of silly combination of "stinker" (my all-purpose adjective for precocious and capricious toddlers), and "nasty" (referring to the smell coming from his diaper at that particular moment).

And earlier this week, one of her pre-k teachers told me about Charlotte's latest vocabulary word. She had apparently been explaining to the teacher how she made her tie-dye t-shirt last fall. She went into great detail about mixing the dye, using rubber bands, soaking the shirts, and putting cardboard between the layers while painting them. (She's very detailed in her story telling lately). But the kicker was describing exactly how to remove a t-shirt from a vat of dye: with tongue-snappers.

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