Monday, September 29, 2008

To Dye For

I ought to have pictures. I say that a lot, but unless I actually start taking the photos, and setting aside time at home to both organize photos and write a blog post at the same time, it doesn't happen.

Saturday afternoon we had a fun, easy party tie-dyeing t-shirts. Inspired by an article in Family Fun magazine, I bought a bunch of Rit dye, several plastic tubs, and fabric paint. I baked a pumpkin spice cake, a loaf of cheddar-beer bread, made a spinach dip for veggie sticks, cut up apples with caramel dip, and provided apple cider, sodas, and darned georgous weather. Ok, so I didn't "provide" the weather. Mother nature was very accomodating once she heard my party idea. And she feared the result of us having to sweep out the garage.

I must not have been th only one in St. Louis who liked the tie-dye idea, as between 3 stores, I only scored 3 packages of orange dye. And with around 15-20 people showing, I knew that would not suffice. So we had black, purple, and green available too (though we never mixed up any green as it turned out). And not everyone decorated their shirts like pumpkins. My husband's has a large feline face,. Charlotte's is a orange and green splatter paint design on top of a black (gray) shirt. Mine (in purple), says BOO with a pumpkin and a cat face as the O's. (The "boo" goes across my chest in a series of tie-dye rings, and I thought if I left it as plain letters, then folks would be mentally adding a final "b" to the word...)

The shirts were cute. The company was great. The only bummer was that Trystan was sick with an ear infection. He was crabby and clingy all Saturday.

Thanks to everyone who came! I'm sorry we missed some of you who couldn't make it! And I apologize if there are folks we know in person who didn't get our last-minute invite (we had several that may or may not have gone to correct email addresses, or just were never opened by their recipients). I do have more dye if anyone's interested :)

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