Wednesday, September 17, 2008

She felt compelled to tell me...

I received fanmail about my blog. Well, not exactly fanmail. More like errata. If you check my profile, I have a list of some of my preferences in books. There, in the list is Jane Austen. Well, until about 5 minutes ago it was Jane Austin. Oops.

I don't know if the kind person who found that typo and took the time to email me (hi! yes, you!) actually reads my blog or just stumbled upon my profile by accident.

I make typos. Probably quite a few. Without Word's autocorrect, you probably stumble through a lot of "teh"'s and other common mixups. Sorry. Does it impede your understanding my words? Gosh, I hope not. If all it takes to trip up a reader is to swap two letters then maybe I shouldn't try so hard to be witty. After all, half of my puns probably look like typos. If you get the feeling that I'm not particularly concerned by my digital mishaps (hah! another pun...), then, as Obi Wan said "Trust your feelings, Luke"

So, anyway, thanks for the email. I changed the typo. Yes, I do love Jane Austen's books, and I have a sister in Austin. Distinct subjects. Common brain. No copy editor. Such is life.

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