Saturday, September 13, 2008

The aftermath of the storm

Thank you for all of the kind words I received after my rant on Thursday. Friday went somewhat better. Somewhat because one of my main sources of conflict had decided to call in sick that day. Somewhat because I hadn't said anything the day before (except here, and I don't expect that any or many of my coworkers would read this), so there wasn't any messy clean up to take care of. Regardless, I have been doing some thinking about my job. I would probaby try to move within my company before attempting anything else--and after having been in the same company and in the same group for 3.5 years, it's probably past time. This is longer than any other single employment/work group I've had ever. Moving within the company shouldn't be too difficult, once I find another group with the right opening. Different is good.

Today has been busy. And hot. What happened to the highs of 80 that we were supposed to see? At one point, the car claimed much closer to 90, and it was humid to boot. Even the approach of Ike isn't cooling things down much. It is a little strange to be sitting in the dead center of the country, and watching the forecast of how Hurricane Ike (now Tropical Storm Ike) is going to affect us. 3-6" of rain forecasted, tomorrow. That will do great things for the swamp that is our backyard, I'm sure.

Charlotte had a birthday party to attend today, so we spent the morning shopping for a gift. She got to choose it herself, and took the job very seriously. Sitting in a living room with nearly a dozen kids, most of them in the 4-6 year old range, is really hard on your eardrums. They shriek. Cake, ice cream, juice boxes, and candy do not help the situation.

And after all that, and no nap, and additional play-date time after dinner, she is still having trouble falling asleep at a quarter after nine in the evening. Trystan's not much better, but he has a stuffy nose and a cough, and took a 2.5+ hour nap. He's got an excuse.

I, at least, am exhausted. And I didn't spend 2 hours running in circles this afternoon. Though perhaps I should have. I had cake and candy too :)


flatflo said...

How much difference a day makes, yes?

I woke up Sunday morning with a frantic call from my aunt that lives a mile away on River DesPeres (or River Despair, as the case may be.) The little water alarm gadget my mother bought her (as she scoffed at) had woken her up, as the water was creeping in and was at the baseboards. So I run over with laundry baskets to get as much stuff to the upper floor as possible. When the water was up to my knees we could do no more and I took her out to breakfast. Then I get a call that the power at home went out. Ended up not getting power back until late Sunday night. Thankfully the weather had finally cooled off!

Kristi said...

Yikes Laura! Our power didn't even flicker. But about 8am Sunday morning, I could see a foot or so of standing water in the down-the-hill neighbors' yards. The mini lakes approached, but did not reach the houses before the storm sewers caught up and everything drained.

Up by our house, we had some rivulets of running water in the back yard, but nothing above grass height, and we had run our sump-pump drain line directly to the closest storm sewer, which probably helped keep things clear (this is the hose that our neighbor kept moving...)

I'm glad they got your power back on so quickly. And boy did it ever cool off!