Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Labor Day

Ok, so this is a first of sorts. We have discovered recently that our ATT account, along with TV, DVR, internet, and wireless access (hello Starbucks), also provides a flickr account. Sorry to anyone who reads my blog by RSS feed, as it's highly possible that you'll see this post twice. Once as I try to get the picture out of flickr, once after I make a real post out of it.

Labor day weekend was good. Busy. Busy Good. My mom and baby sister (who's 12...not much of a baby anymore) came to visit. Saturday we hit the City Museum downtown. That was an absolutely exhausting blast for all of us. We have photos--haven't uploaded those yet. Sunday we did a little shopping and then took the kids to the pool. Monday, Mom & sis headed home, and the rest of us joined another out-of-town friend at the mall for more shopping & lunch. Then we all went home and slept. Even me, and I hate naps. But I had barely sat down all weekend.

As I get more comfortable with the flickr thing, maybe there will be more photos on my blog. Of course, that depends on the kindness of my resident cameraman. I hate taking photos--they alwasy look like crap when I take them and I prefer to experience life through my own eyes, not the lens of a camera. Doesn't mean I don't like pics. I just prefer that someone else take them. It also means, unfortunately, that there are some 25 shots in our private flickr file of me in a bathing suit as my hubby wore the clothes as well as the recording device. No, I won't be posting those.

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