Monday, July 20, 2009

My week

I tried not to tell my kids that I was going on a trip until the last minute. And, as I expected, I got a torrent of tears when Charlotte realized that I was going, and she was not coming with me. No amount of reassurance--it was only 4 nights, after all--helped at first. And then she pereked up, and demanded that I bring her a gift. "Mommy, you have to buy me a present."

My daughter, the princess.

I don't think Trystan would have quite understood, which is unfortunate. For him, I was there at bedtime, and gone by the time he woke up in the morning. I had a 6:40AM flight on Wednesday, and left the house by 5. I think he held up just fine while I was gone, but barely left my sight on Sunday after I got home.

I talked to the kids every day except Saturday, when they were at their aunt's while my husband attended a wedding. Charlotte led the conversation Thursday night, starting with an (unprompted) play-by-play account of her entire day. Then she asked me what I did that day. How very grown up she is.

Trystan only says "hi" and a few other phrases on the phone before he begins pressing buttons. My gadget boy.

I went to a writers conference last week. It was fun. It was overwhelming. I had 4 days of adult conversation and meals without potty trips. That was awesome. But, it was also 4 days without snuggles from my kiddos, without kisses and hugs, without singing a single lullaby or reading a bedtime story.

I am glad I went. And I am so glad to be home.

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