Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Little Monkey

Never believe the word of a two-year old.

Trystan had a doctor's appointment at Children's Hospital around lunch time today. So we went to the zoo. Char will be disappointed when she hears that, but she had swimming lessons at preschool, and it was nice to have a day with just me and Trystan.

The zoo was fun. Trystan doesn't ask complicated questions about all of the animals--he is more focused on locating them, saying what color, and sometimes counting them. So we cover more ground than I do with Charlotte along, spending a lot less time at every stop. We saw the penguins, chimps, the bird house, primate house, and herpetarium, and some of the plains animals--gazelles and zebras (ce-ba), etc.

We finished with a ride on the zoo train. By then, my hips were about to kill me. I had made the mistake of asking Trystan if he wanted to walk or ride in the stroller, and he insisted--several times--on walking. But I think he meant he wanted me to walk. I carried him halfway around the zoo.

After the zoo, we went to Childrens and ate lunch in the cafeteria before the appointment. He insisted on hot dogs (little smokies actually) and pretzel bites from a hot food bar, but never touched the pretzels. Ah well.

The doctor visit was with the surgeon who did all of Trystan's bowel surgeries. In general, my little boy is doing really well. The fact that he's interested in potty training at all at his age is ahead of the curve for boys who have no issues. The fact that he occasionally even tells us he needs to poop and then goes in the potty is way way way ahead of the curve for a baby with his defects (it wouldn't be unheard of for him to NEVER get that far given his medical history, and he's not even 2.5...). Diagnosis: keep up with the good eating habits, tiny amount of daily laxative, and potty encouragement, and we'll see where he goes from here.

It was a good day. But next time, I'm bringing the stroller.

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