Monday, August 03, 2009

New Thing: On the highway

I don't think I've ever peed along the side of a highway. I do remember at least one family roadrip when I was growing up where we got stuck in standstill traffic, and my mom took one of my little sisters out to go along the side of the road.

Saturday, it was my turn to take a little girl to pee along the side of the road. Except that there was no traffic, and she didn't make it out of her car seat first.

Yep, totally embarassing Charlotte. One day, she'll discover my blog and be totally mortified. I'm cool with that.

We spent the weekend in southern Indiana at my husband's family reunion. In the middle of Illinois, along highway 64, you can go for a really long time without a rest area. Charlotte didn't believe me when I warned her, and insisted she didn't need one more potty break before we left town. When she decided she had to go, we were in the middle of nowhere. And she couldn't wait. When she started hopping up and down in her carseat (about two minutes after she first mentioned the need), we pulled over. About 30 seconds too late.

We had exactly one plastic bag in the car, which she had to sit on (to keep all the pee from her booster seat from soaking the fresh pair of shorts she was then wearing). We stopped at the next rest stop--nearly twenty minutes away, and got a plastic bag that we could put her wet clothes in. And made her pee again. She protested. And she had more. Grrr.

Then, several hours later, she made a mad dash off the church playground, and failed to make it a second time. Yep. A two-fer. This was an overnight trip, and we had packed two changes of clothes per kid plus a bathing suit. She left the reunion wearing her dress for Sunday. Double Grrr.

Lucky for us, there's a Walmart in town that sells cheap kids clothes and laundry detergent. And booster seats (I was tempted, but I did not).

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