Monday, August 17, 2009

School Supplies

At the end of July, I thought we were done with our school supply shopping. We had purchased Charlotte’s uniforms, and written a check for a packet of classroom supplies. That, btw, is a nice thing—instead of a list and a day of shopping 5 stores looking for the correct brand of paints, markers, crayons, etc, you just write a check and later pick up a pre-packaged sack of exactly what the teacher has requested.

We were done.

But somehow, yesterday, I still ended up shopping 4 different stores and spending a ton more money. Gym shoes (“mostly white”, i.e. “nothing that Target sells”), soccer cleats, shin guards, belts for Charlotte’s “warm weather” shorts uniform, a label maker. Ok, so the label maker was to help speed up the process of naming 2 24-packs of crayons, 12 pencils, 8 markers, 2 glue sticks, paints, ruler, scissors, rest mat, pencil case, lunch box, back pack, Gym and soccer gear. Supposedly they make iron-on labels that work with this label maker, too, which might be helpful in labeling the rack of school clothes (because there’s no other way on this green earth that she’s going to be able to distinguish her white blouse or plaid jumper from the next girl’s).

Yes, I’m whining. I thought we were ready for school to start. Then we had our weekend shopping spree, an open house tonight, and tomorrow night I get to make about 3 dozen cupcakes for Charlotte’s birthday/last-day at pre-k on Wednesday. And then do that 2 more times—once for her birthday party over the weekend (maybe a sheet cake, instead of cupcakes), and once for her Kindergarten class on her actual birthday Monday.

Next year, I will know better not to declare victory until I actually drop her off at school on the first day.

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