Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Stop Obsessing Already!

I'm sure every reader of this blog has noticed that I can become a bit
obsessive about some topics. Lately, its Kindergarten. I think I'm
more traumatized by Charlotte starting school than she is. Every school
day so far, I've picked her up with a huge smile on her face, and not
the "Thank goodness my mommy's here to rescue me" kind of smile.

Yesterday was another of my trying days, when I worried about all kinds
of things, imagining problems that never came to be. It was Charlotte's
second full day of school, her birthday, and her first day of soccer
practice. The poor kid had a backpack, lunchbox, soccer bag, and
Tupperware container full of cupcakes to bring to school. I believe she
had plenty of help to carry things, but its still a lot for a little kid
to be responsible for.

I was worried about the cupcakes-that I was sending them in the right
way. I had checked beforehand about sending in homemade ones, and was
told OK. I would like to have delivered them later in the day instead
of with Charlotte at dropoff, but there was no way to do that without
leaving them sitting in a hot car at work first. I didn't get any nasty
notes from the teacher, and the snacks were eaten, so I'm guessing that
all was good.

I was worried about lunch. As I mentioned yesterday, I'm still new at
this, as is Char. On Friday afternoon, she requested that I pack her
milk instead of having her buy it at school, so I did. But last night,
her thermos was still full. She told me she "accidentally got in the
milk line." Huh. Well, she also said she'd rather just buy her milk.
So today, I hope she accidentally gets back in that milk line.

I was worried about soccer. Char's practice doesn't start till 5, and
there's no good way for me to pick her up from school, get Trystan, and
get her back for practice without just driving around for an hour
straight. So she went to the school's late dismissal and got to play
outside and then have a snack inside instead. Someone else had to help
her get her shin guards and shoes on, and her jumper off, though she
really only needs help tying the laces. The rest she can handle.

I had not heard from the coach directly before the first practice, and I
was worried that she really didn't have practice until next week, and
would be stuck at school. And I had no contact number or email for the
coach. I ended up calling the school, and being re-assured that all was
well. I'm sure they think I'm neurotic.

Soccer went fine. Char loves it, and loves running. She got to share a
few extra cupcakes with her teammates after practice. And the coach's
daughter was in a dance class with Charlotte last fall, so the girls
recognized each other though they're in different classes during the
day. The coach's wife recognized Charlotte, too, and we found out they
live not far from us, and are considering signing their daughter up for
the same dance class I just enrolled Char in for the fall.

After soccer, Charlotte requested hot dogs for dinner, so we went to
A&W. Char got a rootbeer float with hers. At home, she cheerfully
worked on her homework-a worksheet matching capital and small letters.
And then she got to try out the Dance Dance Revolution Disney Edition
game that she got for her birthday.

I'm going to try, try, try to relax a bit. I think things are less
stressful from here. We've passed most of the "firsts" that I've been
anxious about. But, its only a matter of time before I find yet another
thing to stress out about.

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