Monday, August 31, 2009

Today's High: 74

It always surprised me, growing up, that the hot summer temperatures knew to take a dive as soon as school started. One week, we were marching our way through band camp under the harsh sun, sweat pouring down our backs and ticking our noses, making it hard to stand perfectly still at attention. And the next, we were huddling in the bleachers during a football game, hiding under blankets in our Color Guard uniforms, with wool letter jackets and our white leather gloves still on to keep our fingers warm. And come half-time, we’d be frantically warming stiff fingers and the icy metal poles of our flags, hoping that we wouldn’t drop them during the performance because of the cold.

The past week has been like that. Mother Nature saw the start of school and dialed back the temperature by ten degrees. It should make for some glorious outdoor recess time for Charlotte, and a comfortable crispness during soccer practice. It also means that I need to go ahead and buy her uniform-appropriate tights, and possibly a fall jacket, because the days of bare knees and short sleeves may be closer than I thought.

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