Tuesday, July 07, 2009


1 house
2 kids
3 mortgages*
4 student loans repaid
5 jobs, 5 cars, 5 vacations
6 surgeries**
7.5 rooms painted***
8 years of marriage

Happy 8th Anniversary to my One True Love! May we have 80 more together!

* not at the same time!
** 2 for me, 4 for Trystan
*** our kitchen/breakfast/family room combo is half painted as I type

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Kristi said...

And here it is, only 2 hours after my last post, and I'm home with a sick child. Almost as soon as I hit "post" and turned back to my real work, the phone rang. Trystan running a fever. And then he puked right after I got him in the car. Guess I'm cancelling the babysitter.

Ah well, such is life with children. Happy Anniversary to us regardless!