Monday, July 13, 2009


5 windows with stained wood trim around the windowsills

5 roman shades

5 drapery panels

4 brackets for the drapery rod

1 French door

1 wall mounted speaker

1 wall mounted motion detector

1 wall mounted alarm panel

Various switch plates and power outlets

Kitchen cabinets (top and bottom)

Crown molding

That is all the stuff we had to remove/mask/avoid as we painted this weekend.  On just the Eastern wall of our combined kitchen/breakfast/living room.

The giant room combination is done!  Well, its painted.  The baseboards were purchased (a while ago) and are still awaiting staining and installation.  But the wall painting is done!   The place looks so nice.

We switched from a cool, pale blue to Warm Buff (which looks a lot like caramel) and Wool Coat (which looks more like chocolate milk to me).  The colors do a good job of tying the two ends of the room together.  My husband thinks it reminds him of Starbucks.  That doesnt bother me in the least.

We have a honey-oak color on our kitchen cabinets and on the doors throughout the house, red mahogany on the wood pieces of living room furniture, dark walnut laminate floors, and a natural wood breakfast table set.  Thats probably too many wood finishes for one space, especially once you add in cool blue counter tops and warm olivey-sagey furniture with purple drapes and a red accent chair.  But believe it or not, it all looks quite nice (despite what it sounds like in print) Especially with the new color scheme helping to tie it all together.

Im glad the painting is done.  And Im hoping this color choice will last another 8 or more years.

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Bethany said...

I painted my living room 3 times in 2 years (couldn't get the color right) and what a pain in the butt. Sounds like you have a better eye for color than I do, I'd love to see pictures.