Thursday, July 23, 2009

Strange morning

There was a TV news truck parked in front of my house this morning.  Across the street, actually, next to a neighbor’s house.  Not just a news truck, but the kind with the giant telescoping transmitter on top, already positioned high above all of the rooftops in the neighborhood.  No people were around at first, just a portable generator that appeared to be powering the thing.


As I was buckling the kids into their carseats, two additional vehicles arrived.  There was a green SUV carrying two or three people plus TV camera equipment.  And an ice cream truck.  It was about 7:45AM.  The ice cream truck had no music playing, and parked nearby to the other two trucks.  The ice cream truck driver was out of the car milling about near the folks unloading tv cameras.


I have no idea what this is about.  None of my neighbors seemed to be out and about, and I didn’t see any reporter-ish people.  None in suits anyway.  I’m assuming that only crew members wear shorts on the job. 


You can bet I’ll be checking in on the news channel’s website during the day.

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