Friday, February 17, 2006

Knifty Knitters

I go through phases in crafting--for a while, i'm sewing everything under the sun, then embroidering things, then painting...lately I'm on yarn. It started at Christmas when I saw a Michael's add promoting a set of 4 round looms called Knifty Knitters for $9.99. I thought they looked perfect for my 9-year old sister for a Christmas gift, since she's also a big crafter (she's dabbled in crochet and latch hook and is learning to knit). When I went to buy them, they were nicer than I expected for the price, so I came home with a set as well :) By the time we'd gotten to my Mom's for Christmas, I'd completed a Charlotte-sized hat, and a mommy-sized hat, and was working on a scarf to match my hat. My sister seemed to enjoy the looms too, and had about half of a "fun-fur" pink scarf done by the time we left.

The looms are really easy to use. Here's a link to the manufacturer's website (I have no affiliation with them..only promoting them because I like them) :
Provo Craft's Knifty Knitters.
I have the set of round looms. To use them, you just wrap yarn around the pegs, and pick one loop of yarn on a peg up and over the one above it. That's it.

Now I seem hooked (bad pun, I know). I also picked up a crochet sweater pattern for my daughter over Christmas, and am about 75% done with it--it's lavendar, pink, green, and white and a pattern that looks like plaid. Very cute. If I ever finish it, I'll have to post a photo. I'm being brave and knitting the ribbing with actual knitting needles--I've knitted small samples before but never an actual project, and the pattern directions call for crochet ribbing, so it will be fun to see how I do.

We're going to visit the in-laws for the weekend, and I'm planning to pack both the sweater-in-progress, and at least one of the knifty knitters. I bought a bunch of "Baby Clouds" yarn yesterday at Walmart to attempt receiving blankets. I have a couple of friends who are expecting, and if the blankets are done before the babies come, they will be gifts :) I also have 2 skeins of a pretty deep red to attempt another scarf (with the regular knitting needles maybe with a cable pattern!) and/or some mittens on the knifty knitters. Don't remind me about the afghan that I started several years ago--it needs to be assembled still (granny squares), but I never like the color combination, so I'm having trouble getting back to it....

Yikes, this new crafting obsession *is* just like my sewing one....pretty soon I'll have a chest of drawers full of yarn to match the one full of fabric.

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