Wednesday, February 22, 2006

She's a mooch

Once again last night, my daughter proved just how much of a mooch she can be. I picked her up from daycare, and she devoured both a stick of string cheese and a cup of mashed sweet potatoes (we keep baby-sized portions of those in the freezer just for her). I made stir fry for dinner. Then we went to her friend Gavin's house to play ("Gavvy!"). Gavin's parents had ordered pizza, and it arrived shortly after we did. Charlotte's eyes followed the pizza box from the moment it arrived, and she was soon standing by Gavin's high chair begging for some. Lucky for her they had extra and were willing to share. She ate most of a regular-sized piece of pizza.

It's not like we don't feed her. She eats a snack in the morning before daycare, and gets breakfast, lunch, and two snacks there. She gets another snack when we get home, eats dinner, and nurses before bed. I don't know where she puts all the food. She's barely 20 pounds and about 32 inches tall, and has been running around the 10th percentile on weight and 25th on height since birth. She must have inherited her father's hollow leg, because *my* metabolism has never been quite that good.

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