Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Presidents make us puke

Yet again, my daughter had a stomach bug over a 3-day weekend. Monday was President's Day, a holiday apparently celebrated by banks, the post office, and daycares (but no one else). One parent or the other was going to have to take off a day of work to hang out with Charlotte, so we decided to both take off and go visit my in-laws, who live about 6 hours away. We haven't actually been to see them since this time 2 years ago when we told them that we were expecting (and I spent that weekend puking up my guts with a bad combination of morning sickness and stomach flu).

My husband had to work late on Friday, so we didn't actually take off till Saturday after lunch. We've learned from experience that the drive is more pleasant for all involved if Charlotte sleeps as much of it as possible, so we banked on a long afternoon nap. We took her to McDonald's and fed her all the hamburger and fries that she felt like eating, and then spent the better part of an hour playing at one of the indoor playplaces--crawling through the gerbel tubes and going down slides. This is quite a workout for us as well, since she isn't quite agile enough or brave enough to do that on her own yet, so we took turns crawling around with her. We left the restaurant and buckled our complaining 18-month old into the car and headed out. About half an hour after we started, Charlie was still not asleep (despite being nearly an hour past her regular nap time), and she was fussing and complaining. Then she puked. Apparently of all the food she ate, only one french fry and part of a tomato from my salad were unworthy of digestion. The kid was quite happy to have her clothes and diaper changed in teh bathroom of the nearest gas station, while my husband mopped up the carseat.

We assumed that she just played too hard after eating, so off we went again. The rest of the journey passed without incident (though plenty of fussing when she wasn't asleep). She was happiest when holding my hand, which is quite difficult when I'm in the front seat. After we got to her grandparents' house, she brightened up quite a bit and was thrilled to try out some of my husband's old baby toys that my mother-in-law had cleaned up for her. Then she puked again. This time, most of her dinner came up--luckily missing the new carpet, area rug, and white sofa and chairs in the living room! Sunday she kept all her food down, but had several really runny diapers, and insisted on sitting on my lap for most of the day. Poor baby!

This is the second 3-day weekend that Charlotte's spent puking up her guts, and the second visit to the in-laws that some member of our little family has been sick. Boy do I hope that both of those trends end right now!

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