Saturday, April 01, 2006

18 (19) month update

Thursday Charlotte had her 18 month checkup. She was actually 19 months, but close enough. She was weighed (20lbs 15 oz...nearly a whole pound more than 3 weeks earlier!), measured (31.5" tall), pricked (3 shots...ouchie), and thoroughly examined. It seems as though she's light (6th percentile on weight), short (30th on height), but with an average head (50th). The weight thing is just genetic--both of our families have strains of small people in them.

It sounds as though her vocabulary is a bit above average for her age--she has probably 2-3 dozen words that she says and is just starting to string words into 2-word phrases ("Hi Daddy", "Daddy's shoe", etc). That night she had sore legs from the shots, but we got good news: only 1 shot at her 2 year appointment, and then no more shots till Kindergarden! She might start trusting the nurses again!

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