Thursday, April 13, 2006

Thousand dollar sweater

I am finally getting a photo posted of the sweater I made for my daughter Charlotte. It is mostly crocheted, with knitted ribbing cuffs and bottom band. I started it right after Christmas, so it took me the better part of 4 months to make. It might have gone faster if I spent more time watching TV (where most of the crocheting took place). Also, I believe I had all of the big pieces done by President's day, because starting to figure out the cuffs when visiting my inlaws that weekend. I don't know how many hours I spent working on this, but probably easily over 40 hours, which at my current salary comes out to, well, waaaay more than I would have spent just to buy one in the first place :)

(4/14) P.S. I just checked out my blog and the second picture looks really dark, and makes it look like Charlotte is crying. She actually has a very goofy grin on her face. She gets excited over new clothes, and that night in particular she wanted to go for a walk, so she was thrilled to be putting on a jacket.

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