Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Good Job, Daddy

Charlotte is learning to talk in phrases instead of just single words. This morning, as I was getting her dressed, her daddy came in to say "Good morning." Charlotte immediately hopped into his arms for a giggly hug, and he tried to put her shoes on. She kept trying to help, by sticking out the wrong foot and curling her toes under and squirming. Finally, I pulled her into my lap and my husband went to work on one of her shoes. He managed to get the shoe onto the (correct) wiggly foot, and Charlotte clapped her hands and said something that sounded like "Good Job, Daddy".

My husband probably doesn't hear enough of that phrase. He is a responsible adult and is expected to balance work and family life and do half of the work around the house, just like I do. But he always has a smile and a hug for his daughter, and she loves it when he plays with her and tickles her and reads her stories. If we get home before he does in the evenings, she walks around the house calling for him, as I try to explain that he's not home. When we hear the rumble of the garage door opener, she will run to the back door and laughing out loud when he walks through the door. She still wants me for snuggles when she's hurt (or hungry), but there is no doubt how much she loves her daddy. So, "Good Job, Daddy".

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Pooh and me said...

My daughter Aliza is 14 months. When she learnt to say mama....she called everything mama.
Now she had learnt to say Papa.
Yesterday when I got home from work, she ran towards me and yelled, PAPA !
It could have killed me !